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Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster (Germany)

Contacts: Sascha NOWAK, Sascha.nowak@uni-muenster.de

Web-site: https://www.uni-muenster.de/MEET/en/index.shtml


MEET is dedicated to research on lithium ion batteries and next generation materials.

Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology

The Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology (MEET) at the University of Münster is one of the foremost battery research centres in Germany. Internationally, we are one of the main drivers of top-level research in the fields of battery materials, cells and electrochemistry. The aim which our research facility has is to develop sustainable, high-performance batteries for the future and to make a decisive contribution to advancing battery cell production in Europe.

Since 1998, the Department of Nanometrology has focused on the development of scanning probe microscopy metrology and related methods. This includes providing traceability for scanning probe microscopy methods (metrology SPM), developing methods for quantitative analysis of different physical quantities with nanometre resolution and numerical analysis. The main effort of the Department is equally distributed between scientific projects, instrumentation development and publication activities.

Technical Center

In addition, with its dry room and clean room, the technical centre, around 1,000 square metres in size, gives the scientists conditions for working on the entire value chain of cell production – from the raw material to the finished cell. Two different assembly lines in the clean room enable the production of electrodes for cylindrical cells of the type “18650” and flat cells with a capacity of up to ten ampere-hours. During production, the technicians work on better mixing procedures for the materials, alternative coating techniques and new cutting methods.


Head of Division at MEET

Sascha NOWAK

Sascha Nowak studied at the University of Münster and got his PhD in Analytical Chemistry. He joined the working group of Prof. Winter at the MEET Battery Research Center in 2009 as a postdoctoral researcher. Since 2012 he holds a position as scientific staff at the MEET Battery Research Center at Münster University as the head of the division Analytics and Environment, which mainly focuses on electrolyte aging, transition metal migration and surface investigations, recycling and 2nd life as well as toxicological investigations. Sascha is author or co-author of more than 170 scientific papers and 2 patents.