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Optigraph GmbH (Germany)

Contacts: Inna GRIGOREVA, info@optigraph.eu

Web-site: http://www.optigraph.eu/



The laboratory is a part of the production line of Optigraph GmbH and is dedicated to control the parameters of graphite crystals and graphite optics. Especially for the project, it is additionally equipped with a spectrometer configurated for non-contact control of the thickness of thin HOPG films.

The laboratory is part of the graphite optics (GrO) production line of Optigraph GmbH and allows to control parameters of graphite films, graphite crystals and complex GrO, in particular the mosaic spread (ms), spectral resolution, crystal lattice spacing. The laboratory includes two instruments: a Bragg-Brentano diffractometer and a von Hamos spectrometer. Both set-up characterize crystal and optics by CuKα1 at the first diffraction maximum.

Especially for the project, a new X-ray spectrometer aimed for non-contact measurement of the thickness of thin graphite films was ordered

A small workshop is aimed for the production of thin graphite films and GrO. The room is equipped with a set of mechanical tools used for splitting and depositing thin films, as well as for cutting graphite crystals.


Micro-XRF spectrometer M1 Mistral with Rh x-ray tube

Bruker Nano GmbH's M1 MISTRAL Rh Mikro-RFA instrument with a rhodium X-ray tube and a programmable XYZ-stage was configured by the manufacturer to measure the thickness of free graphite films. A special method was developed using different substrates such as silicon, aluminum, and glass as secondary targets oriented to the rhodium L-level radiation to measure thin graphite films up to one micrometer and thicker under air conditions. The instrument also allows large-area mapping of samples with high lateral resolution.


Inna Grigorieva

Inna Grigoreva graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry, Moscow University in 1981. In 1985, she depended her Ph.D. in physical chemistry. Since then, she had working at Institute of Graphite ( NIIGRaphite) in Moscow as a senior scientist in the laboratory developing and produced HOPG crystals. In 2006, together with her partner Alexander Antonov she founded Optigraph GmbH in Berlin for the production of graphite films and graphite optics. Inna Grigoreva CEO of Optigraph GmbH.

Gennadi gudi

Gennady Gudi worked until 2016 as a researcher at the Federal Research Center for Cultivated Plants of the Julius Kühn Institute (JKI) at the Institute for Environmental Chemistry, Plant Analysis and Stored Product Protection in Berlin. His research interests were in the development of application-oriented FTIR and Raman spectroscopy models for determining plant components, as well as in the development of signal evaluation methods and algorithms and multivariate analysis (chemometrics) methods. In 2016 he received his Dr.rer.nat. degree from the Department of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy at the Free University of Berlin, defending his thesis on "Einsatz schwingungsspektroskopischer Methoden zur Qualitätsbewertung pflanzlicher Rohstoffe und Charakterisierung von Phytoextraktionsprozessen". Since 2017, he has been working as a researcher at Optigraph GmbH and is responsible for the quality control of the graphite optics production and the development of new products